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3:37 pm Sunday April 22

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As with all things handmade, custom orders are welcome.    Please note that the very nature of glass is that it is unique, and often cannot be duplicated, even when you order several pieces at the same time.    However, we will do everything possible to do our best to match the glass you see, or the proposals we agree on.

We've been featured!

3:37 pm Sunday April 22

Visit Dragonfly Software

Booyeah! We've been featured as the March 2016 Pattern of the Month for Dragonfly Software, Glass Eye 2000

It was a very big honor to be requested to send a pattern we had created using this program.  The idea is to show others who may wish to use the program, that the power offered within this program can create unique and creative designs that become incredibly easy to then create with glass.

This program offers incredible support, and your possibilities are nearly limitless.  Please read our accompanying article; and if you already have the program, you are welcome to a copy of the pattern as a .eye file, ready to resize, change colors and print from the program.

While you are at it, click the banner and check out the 30 day free trial and work your way through the amazingly detailed tutorial that will have YOU creating amazing patterns in a quick hurry!

Praying Hands:  Design of the Month * March 2016
Mustang at the Golden Gate:  Design of the Month * June 2016
Sunflowers at the Farm:  Design of the Month * August 2016

Promise Delivered

3:37 pm Sunday April 22

We are uber excited to have fulfilled a promise to an incredibly talented artist, and dear friend. We obtained permission to create the Black Widow Mouse, created for Hitgrab, Inc., which owns the Facebook app, Mousehunt

In April 2012, we expressed the desire to create the very first mouse drawn for the game.  Finally, we felt confident enough to do the drawing justice, and after approval of the design, we followed through with the creation. : Having completed the panel, we delivered it in person to the team in April 2016.  Watch the unwrapping here, and please check out their pages in the above links.

Stained Glass Black Widow Mouse

Some MouseHunters visited us today and brought this AMAZING stained glass art piece of the Black Widow Mouse with them!Check out the video for the unboxing!Thanks to Inspirations: Glass & Gifts for this awesome masterpiece!

Posted by HitGrab Inc. on Friday, 26 February 2016